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International Women’s Day Color 2020

International Women’s Day Color

international women's day color

international women’s day color

The International Women’s Day Color Palette with Hex and RGB Codes palette has just one color which is Spanish Violet (#46296E).

This color mix was made by user Navya. The Hex, RGB, and CMYK codes are in the table underneath.



international women's day color

international women’s day color

  • Name: Spanish Violet
  • Hex: #46296E
  • RGB: (70, 41, 110)
  • CMYK: 0.363, 0.627, 0, 0.568

international women's day color

international women’s day color

International Women’s Day 2020

international women's day color

international women’s day color

The first International Women’s day was praised, harking back to 1908 when a gathering of 15,000 women walked on the streets of New York, requesting their rights. Since then consistently on eighth March, the world joins hands together to support, raise, inspire and propel women across all fields of work. The purpose of this day is to focus on various themes such as advancement, the depiction of women in the media, or the significance of instruction and vocation opportunities. Walk eighth is a holiday in numerous countries, while others commend it by holding street marches, debates discussions and through an assortment of different programs.

How to Celebrate International Women’s Day 2020 Online?

international women's day color

international women’s day color

It is the anwell-known reality that almost all of our activities nowadays are social media-driven. Be it personal or an open occasion, social media will undoubtedly be a piece of the program. International Women’s Day no uncertainty would not be any unique. For the whole week, you can label your posts and photos on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, with the accompanying hashtags to make more awareness and make the plan of the coordinator better known to the normal and less-informed individuals.

– #MakeItHappen

– #womensday

– #IWD2015

– #internationalwomensday

– #PaintItPurple

Besides labeling your photographs and post with these has tags, you can also do the accompanying:

• Share content or retweet a message that may be significant to the subject of International Women’s Day 2020

• You can use the logo of the international women day on your blog, website or on your Facebook’s spread photograph. Then again, you can also use the IWD logo in your email signatures

• The official color of International Women’s Day is purple. You can wear a purple shirt to work, use purple on your websites, blogs or social media. You can also make a video or presentation on the subject of International Women’s Day 2018 and post it on your social media record to raise awareness about the various issues that women from various backgrounds everywhere throughout the world are compelled to battle every day

Observe IWD 2018 Offline: How Can You Make a Difference on International Women’s Day 2020?

• Every year hundreds of organizations around the globe, embrace, some ventures to observe International Women Day, either by sorting out a sports occasion or a discussion and discussion session. You can be a piece of any of these events and get familiar with the problems of the women and volunteer your service.

• If you are a piece of the sorting out-group, at that point off base, you can decorate your working environment with the color purple, sport purple to work and mastermind a film seeing session archiving the struggles of women on an everyday basis.

• Last however not the least, you can always offer financial assistance to various organizations working in some of the remotest parts of the world for women’s freedom and upliftment.

Significance of the Color Purple

international women's day color

international women’s day color

The official logo of International Women’s Day is the symbol of Venus. The symbol is enlivened in the color purple alongside pictures of various women out of sight from various walks of life. The color purple was chosen because it symbolizes nobility and justice, which are the two significant goals that IWD aims to accomplish for all women in all parts of the world.


The Most Significant Colors to Wear on International Women’s Day

international women's day color

international women’s day color

With the introduction of the Time’s Up and MeToo movements and the proceeding with fights for equivalent compensation and medicinal services rights for women, International Women’s Day this year will, unmistakably, hold more significance than any other time in recent memory. There are lots of ways to support the cause (for example giving time or potentially cash to Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, or Time’s Up), going to a walk, casting a ballot, and calling your congressperson or senator.

Another easy method to carry awareness to women’s rights is to dress in like manner. There’s no denying the way that Hollywood’s decision show solidarity for Time’s Up by sporting dark to this year’s Golden Globe Awards function offered a strong expression, as did the white roses wore by numerous attendees of the Grammy Awards. Similarly, the colors you choose to wear—on International Women’s Day especially—without a doubt will convey an unspoken implying that is stronger than words.

Peruse on to become familiar with why dark and five different colors that will have the most effect on March 8, and shop some of our preferred options in each tint.


international women's day dark black color

international women’s day dark black color

Sure, dark is sometimes thought of as a somber color, but on the other hand, it’s a ground-breaking, respectful color. Not just that, it’s a color that everybody owns, which symbolizes solidarity during this season of progress and progress.

Red Power

international women's day red color

international women’s day red color

Red is a color that can’t be disregarded. It forces individuals to stop and focus. It symbolizes strength and force.

Purple Dignity

international women's day purple color

international women’s day purple color

As per the National Woman’s Party, “Purple is the color of reliability, constancy to purpose, unswerving steadfastness to a cause.” It’s also the color of poise and self-respect and signifies bipartisanship. That, yet it was one of the three colors received by the suffragettes.

You know those pink hats everybody wore to Women’s Marches around the nation in 2017 and 2018? The decision of color was not discretionary. As indicated by societal norms, pink is proudly ladylike, and it represents compassion and love.

White Purity

international women's day white color

international women’s day white color

The symbolism of wearing all white also harks back to the suffragette development, when women were strongly urged to wear it. As indicated by a statement in The Guardian by Valerie Steele, the executive of the Museum at FIT, “White has connotations in the west of immaculateness and uprightness, this thought of being the hero.” She included, “Unquestionably the suffragettes knew about that when they donned white—they were acceptable individuals as well, is there any good reason why they shouldn’t reserve the privilege to cast a ballot?”

Green Hope

international women's day color green

international women’s day color green

Another signature color of the suffragette development was green. Green stands for trust, which is the reason Pantone chose it to be 2017’s Color of the Year.

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